Bank that financial organization specializing in the repurchase of credits

Nice Bank: an intermediary between credit institutions and borrowers

Nice Bank: an intermediary between credit institutions and borrowers

Founded in 1988 under the name of CATF, Nice Bank is a financial organization specializing in the repurchase of credits. As an Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Services – Nice Bank researches and negotiates on behalf of its customers the best loan consolidation solutions with numerous partners such as Best Bank, Nice Bank, Infra Bank.

Thanks to almost 20 years of experience, Nice Bank is today one of the leaders on the French market. The company has several agencies as well as a team of itinerant sales representatives covering three quarters of the territory. In 2016, Nice Bank generated sales of more than 7 million USD in France.

The refinancing offers offered by Nice Bank are aimed not only at over-indebted households, but also at all individuals wishing to renegotiate their loans.

Nice Bank: a specialist in loan repurchase

Nice Bank: a specialist in loan repurchase

Intended for people who have taken out several loans and whose maturities are accumulating, the grouping of credits with Nice Bank consists in gathering all the monthly payments into one. By extending the repayment duration of the various loans, the debt level can be reduced significantly. The daily budget management is also simplified, since the loan repurchase allows you to benefit from a fixed and unique interest rate, and this with a single contact.

Placing customer satisfaction at the heart of its concerns, Nice Bank articulates its commercial policy around 5 commitments:

  1. Offer solutions adapted to any type of profile thanks to local listening and support.
  2. Lower the debt ratio to the minimum to allow borrowers to find a balanced budget.
  3. Allow each client to benefit from Nice Bank expertise through a personalized relationship with a dedicated advisor.
  4. Provide a first response in principle within a few minutes, on request.
  5. Negotiate for its customers the loan consolidation offers displaying the most advantageous conditions.

A wide variety of loans can be combined: home loans, consumer loans, bank overdrafts, tax debts, revolving loans, personal or family debts, etc. Note also that Nice Bank does not require the domiciliation of income, and that the company agrees to finance banking prohibitions and people registered with the FICP.

Nice Bank credit simulation

Nice Bank credit simulation

The terms of the loan buy-back – interest rate, repayment period, amount borrowed, etc. – are established on a case-by-case basis, depending on each subscriber. As such, Nice Bank provides the possibility of carrying out a free personalized study without obligation. You just have to fill out a form available on the company’s website, including information on the number and nature of loans taken out, your professional situation and an estimate of your monthly resources. Nice Bank then offers one or more refinancing solution (s) within 24 hours.

What are the Nice Bank credit offers?

What are the Nice Bank credit offers?

Nice Bank’ loan buy-back offer does not only concern home loans. Indeed, it is also possible to have your consumer credits bought back by the organization. Point.

Nice Bank consumer credit

Nice Bank allows individuals to redeem their personal loans. In the context of a repurchase of personal credits, debts of a different nature can be grouped together:

  • the appropriations allocated (for example: car loan, work loan, etc.);
  • revolving credits (linked or not to a revolving credit card);
  • personal loans (the end use of which is not defined in the loan agreement).

Nice Bank’ personal loan buy-back offer allows all these types of loans to be grouped together for tenants or owners. Tenants will be able to consider groupings involving amounts ranging from $ 15,000 to $ 100,000 with a maximum of 12 years. For owners, the amount of loan repurchase may be increased to $ 200,000, without taking out a mortgage on the property.

Good to know: however, it is not possible to take out a personal loan for a new project with Nice Bank.

How to take out a loan with Nice Bank?

To take out a loan with Nice Bank, a particularly recommended first step is to carry out a simulation directly online. By filling in all the necessary information, a response is received within 24 hours. It is also possible to reach an advisor by phone or visit a Nice Bank agency.

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