9 Nov


Googling ‘KKK in America today’ and reading David Duke’s Twitter page was not how I pictured starting my morning. (If you’re curious: here’s one article, and here’s the Twitter page.) Nor was waking up feeling more scared for my black friends and their kids than I already did. Not to mention many other people in our country.

I also didn’t enjoy hearing male friends sum up the election result without even mentioning sexism and patriarchy. Women are used to this, but we’re tired of being used to it. Trump’s track record with women and girls is horrific, and now he’s our national role model? I’m tired of being creepily hugged by male colleagues I barely know and who find me standoffish when I remove their too-tight grip from my waist. Now we have a president who does this and much worse?

Then there’s the minor point that in 2013 a Supreme Court ruling weakened the Voting Rights Act by removing some federal oversight and allowing states to impose new ID requirements and move and close polling sites, particularly discriminatory against low-income black voters in the South (who vote mostly Democratic) – the main reason the Act was put into law in the first place.

Audrey Pre-Election Results

Audrey Pre-Election Results

Regarding how Audrey is feeling…she’s doing ‘fine,’ but her enthusiasm, hope and spark has turned into indifference. An opportunity was lost. This Tweet by Josh Malina perhaps sums it up best: “Somewhere tonight there’s a little racist, narcissistic, woman-hating, Jew-baiting kid who now knows that he can grow up to be President.”

But…wallowing won’t get us anywhere. This is a time to hold Trump to his positive campaign promises: 25 million jobs; major inner city infrastructure improvements; public healthcare policy that is even better and cheaper than the Affordable Care Act; and a dramatic decrease in U.S. terrorist attacks, overall violence, and drug use. Wow! Go for it, Trump – lets see what you can do. And BTW, we expect that to include extra protections against violence directed toward women, children, racial minorities, religious minorities, and the LGBT community – since, after all, those are the primary victims of violence in the U.S.

We also have to each ask ourselves how we make America better right now through our daily actions. We need to ask what needs healing, what needs creating, and how can we contribute. It’s not just a time to work harder, it’s a time to work smarter. This includes being positive and focusing on solutions.

This is important to demonstrate to our kids. Just because a woman won’t be our next U.S. president doesn’t mean our girls need to feel a lack of leadership or power. Lets share with them that Catherine Cortez Masto was elected into office last night in Nevada as the first Latina senator, that California Attorney General Kamala Harris won her senatorial bid, and that other positive strides were made by and for women across the nation.

As we moms know, we ourselves are the biggest role models to our daughters, like it or not. And we parents are champs at making lemonade out of lemons! We do it everyday. So lets do that. Lets be models of positivity and positive action for our daughters and for our sons.

It’s time for me to go on long walk and plot new recipes for lemonade.

Good morning, America. Lets see what we can do together.

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