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Reflections on the Shared Economy

When we talk about the ‘Shared Economy,’ lets broaden the conversation beyond the privileged, automotive, and technological. AirBnb, Lyft, and apps play important roles, but that’s a limited context.

In transportation, the roads themselves are a shared economy – we citizens pay for them. This includes all road users – drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians; and all types of parking – cars, bikes, in-street seating.

The least technological examples are the most impactful, least expensive, and have the lightest carbon footprint: co-op living, community gardens, time banks, informal bike share, and in-street plazas. These are not ‘alternative’ modes or economies but original ones. Ask any grandparent who’s an immigrant and/or living in the inner city. Lets keep this conversation down-to-earth, inclusive, and historically contextual.

That’s all folks, short and sweet.

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