“I have worked with April since 2011 on a variety of projects related to transportation planning and urban placemaking. Her background in economic development, green business and business improvement districts lends important perspective to these efforts. Most recently, I hired her to advise on and write a best practices paper about how to turn a blighted corner lot into a thriving pocket park. The city council voted unanimously on the recommendation, and we continue to use her paper as the implementation guide for the park. April is an asset to creative visioning and strategic planning efforts. I highly value her expertise!”
Sean Warner, Placemaking Manager, Downtown Long Beach Associates

International Downtown Association conference photo booth with clients from San Diego, Tucson, and Calgary.

“April served on the City of Claremont Sustainability Task Force and helped to create the Claremont Sustainable City Plan. As the lead staff person for this effort, I really appreciated April’s hard work. Her knowledge regarding public relations, strong writing skills, attention to detail and enthusiasm were extremely valuable to the effort. The plan has been adopted as official City policy by the City Council. Based on this experience, I strongly recommend April for work in the areas of environmental policy, business, marketing and government.”
Chris Veirs, Senior Planner/Sustainability Coordinator at City of Claremont

“April had not even had time to collect her notes after her thought-provoking lecture at the IDA conference on creating Bike-Friendly Districts, before we were making plans to bring her to Tucson. Her dynamic and substantive presentations to the mayor and city council, our parking authority, and to a packed community forum has had a dramatic impact on our discussions of the importance bike transit on local economic development.”
Michael Keith, CEO of Downtown Tucson Partnership

“I attended April’s ‘Bikes Mean Business’ panel at the 2012 National Bike Summit – where she gave a fantastic talk and fielded tough questions with ease – and, afterward, I enthusiastically invited her to be a featured speaker at the Ontario Bicycle Summit. Even our keynote, Copenhagen bicycle coordinator Andreas Rohl, was happily taking notes during her talk and visited Southern California to study her work! After the summit, I hired her to give several other speaking presentations and workshops around the Ontario as well as create a Bicycle-Friendly Business District plan. Her work greatly inspired folks in different sectors, educated them about the links between economic development and cycling, and put several actions into motion in our business districts.”
Eleanor McMahon, Member of Provincial Parliament (Burlington, Canada) and Former CEO of Share the Road Cycling Coalition

“The launch of San Diego’s Bike Friendly Business District was a great success, thanks to the work of Green Octopus Consulting. April Economides did amazing work pulling together the stakeholder input, listening to the local community, and drafting a plan for all 17 business improvement districts. The San Diego Bicycle friendly business district program is the largest program of its kind in the United States.”
Tiffany Bromfield, CEO of San Diego Business Improvement District Council

“After hearing April speak at the National Bicycle Summit, I brought her to Oakville to speak in the Chamber’s board room to business leaders, government employees, and community advocates. I also brought her back six months later to facilitate a workshop which included two other councillors and the mayor. Those two events helped inspire the creation of the town’s first bicycle advocacy organization, regular ‘Rediscover Your Bike’ rides, ‘How to get here by bike’ directions on websites, inclusion in my monthly e–newsletter, and more, within months. April helped inspire Oakville business and civic leaders to be more supportive of bicycling.”
Pam Damoff, Town Councillor for Oakville, Canada

“I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for yesterday’s workshop. Your clear, realistic, action-based, inspirational, easy-to-do/I-can-do-this presentation was nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to share it with my fellow business owners. Thank you. During break time I connected with a business owner to cross promote (he runs a bicycle rental shop and I own a bistro) and a local cycling club. I am working on a list of other businesses and groups to connect with. I also spoke with [Town Councillor] Pam [Damoff] about making a presentation to our business association. In short, I want to thank you for your practical and inspirational program. Bon Appetit!”
Patti Fagan, Owner of The Cafe on Main & Wine Bar, Fonthill, Canada

“April is a true professional. Through the entire journey of bringing her to Montana, April was supportive and understanding. April was a tremendous resource in developing ideas for her workshop at the 2014 Bike Walk Montana Summit. I was truly thrilled for Bike Walk Montana to bring someone with April’s credentials to our 2014 summit. April’s pre-conference workshop on bicycle-friendly business districts was well thought out and catered to the needs of our summit attendees. She introduced the idea of BFBDs for the first time to many of our attendees. The examples she brought from the numerous communities she has worked with gave this idea life for those new to the idea. After establishing the framework for the community leaders in attendance, April facilitated a working session where workshop attendees developed ideas and implementation strategies for their communities. Each attendee left the workshop with a plan of how they would implement BFBD ideas in their community. It was a great workshop with solid outcomes for everyone that attended.”
Taylor Lonsdale, Chair of Bike Walk Montana Board of Directors

“April Economides has an incredible knack for engaging and eliciting members of the community to vision initiatives that fundamentally impact our culture with minimal effort and resources. Her work in Canmore has inspired grassroots business and bicycle friendly efforts that have quickly gained  significant media attention. April’s dedication to work with our community and develop achievable actions specific to Canmore has had immediate results that will translate to positive social, cultural, and economic impacts. Perhaps most importantly, with help from April there are more people than ever on bikes in Canmore!”
Jacob Johnson, Acting Manager Engineering Services of Town of Canmore, Canada

“After hearing April speak at the Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference in Long Beach, I was determined to bring her to Palm Springs to speak to our Chamber of Commerce, merchant groups, tourism leaders, government employees, and community advocates regarding bicycle-friendly business districts. Soon thereafter, we quickly contracted with her to launch Palm Springs’ bicycle-friendly business district initiative. This effort is proving to be a great success. April did amazing work pulling together stakeholder input, listening to the local community, and drafting a plan to create three BFBDs. We’re excited to take the plan to the next level this year and dovetail it with our key bicycling and walking infrastructure improvements coming online in 2014-15.”
Brett Klein, Chair, Sustainability Commission, City of Palm Springs

“The DENGUE FEVER community bike ride, where these rock stars were riding around in our new cargo bike with our Cambodia Town logo, was so much fun. It brought together diverse community leaders, including our councilperson, as well as others from throughout the city that had yet to discover our district. Bicycling has been part of Cambodian culture for decades, and it was neat for us to celebrate this in Long Beach, which is home to the largest Cambodian population in the U.S.”
Pasin Chanou, Chair, Cambodia Town, Inc., Long Beach, CA

“April balances critical thinking and asking tough questions with genuine empathy and concern for the well being of those she works with. She has a knack for identifying, encouraging, and leveraging the strengths of others, and naturally assumes a leadership role in managing projects. She is an incredibly hard worker, is always striving, and has a remarkable sense of purpose and integrity.”
Carly Smolak, Project Manager at Harmless Harvest

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