What is Swiss credit without prepayment.

For many borrowers from Germany, Swiss credit is the only way to get a loan. The peculiarity of Swiss loans is that no Credit Bureau is queried, and the credit is not entered in Credit Bureau. German borrowers who have a negative Credit Bureau are the customers for a Credit Bureau-free loan. This type of loan is advertised by credit agencies. However, Swiss credit has strict requirements for its customers without prepayment.

What is Swiss credit without prepayment?

What is Swiss credit without prepayment?

When a customer needs a loan, they usually go to their house bank and apply there. The bank will check the client’s income, query the Credit Bureau and check the permanent position. If these conditions are met, nothing stands in the way of a loan. Negative entries arise when customers have not paid their liabilities correctly. The cell phone bill was forgotten and the car repair bill was paid too late. As soon as reminders are issued and the matter comes to court, these payment irregularities are entered in the customer’s Credit Bureau. As a result, a loan in this country is very difficult to obtain.

Swiss credit can be seen as a way out. But what does a Swiss loan mean, will many loan seekers ask? Swiss loans came from the Swiss Confederation a few years ago. Large credit brokers had completely taken over this market. However, it turned out that these banks did not have a banking license and therefore were not authorized to grant German loans. The legislator put a stop to this and from then on there was a gap in this business.

In 2010, Litebank from Liechtenstein came into this credit business and from then on provided loan seekers with Swiss credit without prepayment. The bank works seriously and is trustworthy. Since it adopted the complete loan terms and conditions from the Swiss loan model, the application and approval was continued as before. Swiss credit is the business of loan brokers. They see themselves as a part between the customer and the bank.

Those interested in credit can also take out the loan on their own. Here he has to fill out a form on the bank’s website and send the required credit documents back to the bank. The advantage of this campaign is that the customer does not pay a commission. Nevertheless, many loan seekers choose to go through the credit intermediary. For this, however, a fee is due, which dubious credit brokers like to collect with a prepayment.

The credit broker

The credit broker

Many credit intermediaries advertise Swiss loans online. But among them there are also mediocre mediators. You give before the Swiss credit to process without prepayment and only enter the prepayment and nothing else happens. There are also credit intermediaries who are pushing their customers to sign an insurance contract, allegedly increasing the credit chances. But none of this is true.

A loan interested person who is interested in Swiss credit should know that a loan request is always free of charge. Once the loan has been approved, a commission is due. The customer should choose credit intermediaries that have been on the market for a long time. There are also placements that have been checked by the TÜV and the consumer center.

If the customer has found a reputable credit broker, he uses the form provided to submit his loan application. He enters a few personal key data such as the loan amount, the loan term and sends the form. After a very short time, the customer will receive a preliminary loan approval. This is followed by sending the credit contract, which the customer must also fill out and forward with the necessary credit documents.

The conditions

The conditions

Proof of salary from the last three months, bank statements from the last three months and a copy of the employment contract are required as credit documents for Swiss credit without prepayment. Before the documents are sent by post, the customer must carry out the Postident procedure. This is a personal identification based on the identity card.

The customer should know that he can only get a Swiss loan without prepayment if he has an income that is above the garnishment-free limit. Credit Bureau does not play a role in these loans, and the loan is not entered. However, there must be a permanent position and at least one year. If these conditions are met, the Swiss credit is approved without prepayment.

The income, which must have a attachable share of at least 80.00 USD, results in a single person at least 1,600 USD net. A four-person household (father, mother, two children) is 2,500 USD net in order to receive a attachable share of around 80.00 USD. Child benefit, parental allowance or other social benefits are not counted as income.

In addition, the customer must be of legal age and reside in Germany, as must the current account. There are restrictions on the amount of the loan, so two loan amounts are normally approved. One time 3,500 USD and one maximum of 5,000 USD. Both loans have a term of 40 months. The rates are unchangeable and amount to USD 105.00 for the USD 3,500 loan and USD 150.00 for the USD 5,000 loan. The credit installments should be paid on time, in the event of default, the bank will seize the wages. The customer must sign a corresponding certificate in advance.

Swiss credit without prepayment is not cheap, interest rates are in the double digits, some up to 15%. So that the customer receives acceptable interest, he should carry out a credit comparison to the Swiss loan without prepayment. The customer should know that a credit comparison is always free of charge. The advantage for a Swiss loan without prepayment is without a doubt that neither the house bank nor Credit Bureau learns about a loan.

Since the Swiss loan is an anonymous loan, so to speak, solvent customers also apply for this type of loan. Especially when a major financial project is pending and the customer wants to keep his good credit rating, he takes the Swiss loan.

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